Sims Network – Extensive Lunar Lakes Review

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So I recently got my hands on Lunar Lakes, the new world created by The Sims Studio. It’s amazing, but you’ll see that in my review. Have fun! And when you’re done reading and watching, please take the time to leave a comment. I spent days on the review so it’s definitely fun to read feedback! 

The Story

A long time ago, a spaceship with Sims crashed down on a foreign planet. With the spaceship broken, the Sims decided to make the best of it on this new planet. It has grown into a big colony. And it’s called Lunar Lakes!


New Items

This new world comes with a variety of new objects and outfits. Just pay attention to the many screenshots in this review, and you’ll spot a new window, door, column, chair, table, loveseat. And let’s not forget there are several new walls and floors, trees, lamps, outfits and shoes, and even a new mailbox!