All About ‘The Sims International Film Festival’

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You may be asking who am I and what is SIFF? Fortunately for you I can answer both! I am Kazee169, one of the newest Moderators at Simatography and long-time player of The Sims games. This season I took over the promotional thread here at The Sims 3 forums for SIFF. And I must say this has been an experience of a lifetime!



I am also the creator of the most recent venue for the Red Carpet photo shoots, Red Carpet Venue. With the Red Carpet Venue, I was wanted to bring that city look to the red carpet. I do plan to eventually do the interior so it can be a fully usable venue, I kept it simple for first release so that even those with not so up to date computers could still have a beautiful new space to take their photos. So for now, enjoy the exterior, and soon you will be able to enjoy a space built for Showtime.