Walmart Exclusive – Sims 3 Game Bundles

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The Sims 3 has posted a news article on the site, letting players know they can now purchase Sims 3 game bundles at their local Walmart! This offer is an exclusive to Walmart stores in North America Only, and they are also stamped as “Two Games for the price of one“.

I will head over to my local Walmart in the next few days and take a look at these bundles, and get an idea of how this exclusive packaging works. 🙂


Check your local Walmart for the following bundles now available: 

♦ The Sims 3 + The Sims 3 Late Night

♦ The Sims 3 Pets + The Sims 3 Generations

♦ The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff + The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff