That’s Entertainment! Sims 3 Community Showcase

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Get your submissions in for the That’s Entertainment! Showcase

The spotlight’s on you, Simmers! Some choose the tough road to become a famous entertainer, some choose to entertain for the sake of entertaining and making others smile, cry, or rage. We want to see your Sims entertaining or being entertained as well as Lots that could set a story for aspiring stars or be homes for stars! Document your entertaining Sims’ tales through stories or machinima. Sims, Lots, Stories, Movies – however you participate – That’s Entertainment!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Sims, Households, and Pets:
Are your Sims aspiring stars? Got a household that’s also a rock band? Maybe you’ve got a Sim who dreams of being a celebrity chef with their own cooking show! Maybe you’ve got a pet who’s the inspiration for your novelist Sim!


Venues for shows or homes that could belong to a starlet! How about a memorable lot from a movie or show? Would it look like a glamorous home in the Hollywood hills? Or would it be a creepy cabin in the haunted forest? Would your karaoke-singing Sim croon at a bar or just at home with friends? Maybe your gig-seeking guitarist has a soft spot for cafes! How about a park that’s a magnet for street performers?

Have a story about a Sim who dreams of fame? Maybe you have a story about a Sim who loves to play music just for the sake of playing music. How about a story about your Sim’s path to fulfilling their Master of the Arts or Rock Star Lifetime Wish? Will it be drama, comedy, action, or romance? It’s up to you!

Lights! Camera! Action! Start filming your Sims’ stories as they start from humble busking to playing sold-out stadiums! How about a music video for your Sims’ band’s latest hit? What have they experienced while aspiring to be a hit movie composer? How about a silent movie on the life of a mime? Why not document the heckling reactions from their audiences? What does a dog, cat, or horse think about when they see a magician performing for tips?


Remember to share the link to your submissions here! It is very helpful to share additional screenshots with the link to your submissions.

Please add That’s Entertainment Showcase in your upload title and description so they can be easily searchable on the Exchange.

Last day to submit is: Monday May 21 11:59PM PST