Lucky Palms Day 4: Casino Tie-in

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Via The Sims 3 Thanks Nickzi!

If you haven’t already purchased The Lucky Simoleon Casino, what are you waiting for?  Today is the last day of the Early Bird discount for The Lucky Simoleon and you’ve seen how amazing the casino looks in this new world.

What better to fit a desert oasis landscape than a cool casino where you can spend your time, try your luck and maybe win the simoleons to make your dreams come true! The Lucky Simoleon starts with a cascading fountain and glorious octopus sign to greet you at the door.


Inside it’s time to test your luck on games of chance and games of skill.  Watch as a robot dealer hands you cards and takes your bets. For those concerned about safety and responsible gaming, you can explore safe gaming options at  Need more incentive? Just launched today the Everybody Have Fun Tonight compilation puts all of the “Vegas” themed sets on sale! Not to mention all of these other venues on sale until June 28th!

Everybody Have Fun Tonight Compilation

Gothique Library

Olympian Physique

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