Sims 3 Lucky Palms Review by CAW Wiki

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  • c.140mb
  • 96 lots (Res 56, Com 40, 18 completely empty)
  • Pre-populated with 58 Sims (not counting service/homeless).
  • For: The Sims 3 Store
  • Price: c.US$21 for the world itself, on sale. c.US$35 for the world with Lucky Simoleon venue, on sale.



Lucky Palms is a lovely world, evoking the desert really well, and giving players some fantastic new assets. It does not introduce a heap of new build/buy objects, but what it does introduce has not appeared before in this iteration of The Sims – cacti are a good example, as are the triangular windows that fit neatly beneath a roof, or the cheap slanted pole that acts as a one or two storey column. Lucky Palms puts more sand in our sandboxes than previous worlds, and what it offers does not feel like a rehash of things we already have.