Platinum Simmers: Ask Your Burning Questions!

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As we mentioned earlier, Platinum Simmers is one of the lucky fansites heading out to California to meet the Guru’s that make our favorite game! While they are there, they will be sitting down with the developers for some one on one time. Do you have any questions you want answered? Dont be scared, click here!


However what you CAN ask me is questions for the developers, I will ask as many as I can. I am not the most subtle person when it comes to questions so seriously ask me anything for them (keep a pegi rating).
The event is in August so please get all your questions to me before midnight on July 29th. You can ask me on twitter: @swwSims email: [email protected] or in a comment here.
For every good question you will be entered into a random drawing once, if you give me 20 good questions you will be entered 20 times! A good question is something that’s well thought out, detailed, and hasn’t been asked 100 times before. Also it has to be something that I stand a good chance of getting an answer to – eg. we are extremely unlikely to be able to find out anything about unannounced expansion packs, stuff packs, and store items!
It is also first come first serve, the first person that asks a good question gets the entry, if you submit a duplicate question – sorry out of luck, so be unique!
There will be one random winner from all the entries and they get a premium store item or items that you can pick that equal 500 simpoints.