Origin Client: What’s Coming To Origin 9.0

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Origin 9.0 is nearly here! In the coming days, we’ll be rolling out a landmark update to millions of Origin users worldwide, beginning with players who have opted in to beta updates and going live for everyone else soon thereafter. Click here to opt into Beta 9.0.

Your suggestions and feedback over the past few months have driven many of the changes you’ll see in Origin 9.0. We’ve added a clock to Origin In-Game, increased your control over your My Games library, and made our menus more navigable. And today, we’re very excited to share a first look at what’s coming.

Let’s start with the Origin friends list.

Unlike in previous versions of Origin, where your friends list was fused to the main client window, the list in 9.0 is free-floating and mobile, making it easier to chat both in-game and out:





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