Game Chronicles: Sims 3 Supernatural Review

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The original The Sims 3 may have been released almost six years ago, but the game is still going strong, if the advent of this seventh add-on—and the promise of an eighth seasons-related expansion on the horizon—is any indication. Based on the analogous Makin’ Magic expansion for the original The Sims, I initially expected some new content along the lines of witches and spells, but The Sims 3: Supernatural really throws in the kitchen sink. Supernatural adds a slew of creatures to the roster of playable Sim types, including the expected witches, and also fairies, genies, ghosts, zombies, werewolves, and enhanced vampires (sparkling optional). Each of these new Sim types have their own quirks, special interactions with objects and other Sims, and advantages.



Fairies, for instance, have delayed aging and can cause plants to bloom, exude beneficial auras that can help Sims learn skills faster, or play “fairy tricks” (similar to pranks from Generations) on others. Genies can magically instantly clean Sims, make Sims vanish, and conjure group meals out of thin air. Witches, meanwhile, can cast helpful or destructive spells, duel other witches, and learn alchemy faster. Other supernatural types have their own unique traits that I won’t spoil here, but most have some sort of hidden skill that improves with use over time.