ITF Gaming Reviews The Sims 3 Supernatural

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Originally released back in 2009, The Sims 3 has seen its fair share of expansion packs over the years; however, this time around EA has mixed things up by adding a rather large dash of Supernatural happenings to the 7th expansion pack to grace this title. While Witches, Vampires, Werewolves and Ghosts may add a Supernatural feel to the world of The Sims 3, is this expansion pack the magical elixir you have been waiting for… or is it a whimsical flying broomstick that has run out of gas? Well, let’s find out!


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The Sims 3: Supernatural welcomes you to the magical town of Moonlight Falls, a town where strange things happen by the light of the moon. Once installed, you will have the opportunity to create Supernatural beings that range from Werewolves, Witches, Fairies, Ghosts, Zombies, Genies and Vampires. While most expansion packs add household items, new careers and unique clothing… Supernatural allows you to cast spells, create elixirs, and turn Sims into Vampires or Zombies. Furthermore, the more a Sim uses their unique powers, the more they will learn and progress.