Seasons: Weather Options Panel & Possible Icon

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Spanish site Akihabarablues has posted their Sims 3 Seasons preview along with a few in game screens! Two screens that stand out specifically are the Weather options, and the Sims 3 Seasons collections folder.



The icon for Seasons’ collection folder (pictured left) is very vague, but Rincon Del Simmer has done his best to try and “re construct” it. If the collections folder icon is any indication of the official game icon, it would look something like this…..




❗ This is a rough (and unofficial) reconstruction of the possible Seasons icon.


The new Weather options panel has been placed in the game options menu, and as you can see, all our weather options and customization will be done through there.



You can check out more photos and a full preview article over at Akihabarablues.