Pre Order The Sims 3 University Prima *eGuide*

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Prima Games has listed a pre order page for The Sims 3 University *eGuide*.  As it stands currently, they do not have any plans to release a printed guide.


As a reminder, please be aware that Prima eGuides cannot be downloaded, printed, or accessed on most tablets. The eGuides can ONLY be viewed ONLINE in a browser.


For those who prefer to download, save and print their guides, as usual, I will be creating a Sims 3 University Guide here on the site. I start the guides immediately on release night, and typically take no longer than a few weeks to complete.

Our guides can be downloaded as PDF’s, viewed on all PC’s & tablets, and function the same on all devices. I spend a good amount of time making sure I have every detail and aspect of the game covered, and best of all, SimsVIP gives you a FREE, quality Guide! 🙂



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