Sims 3 Community Day: February 2013

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EA is holding a Sims 3 Community Day at Redwood Shores, where many YouTube bloggers & other community members are getting previews of this year’s upcoming games. During this event, The Sims 3 and fans will be sharing screenshots and information, so this post is reserved for just that!

Information provided by: @CurtisParadis@nic0lekA@Chrillsims3

@zfame12@rachybop@TheSimSupply@TheSims3 and Ruthless_KK. 


♦ Too many herbs too fast makes you sick

♦ You can send flirty, insulting and break up texts in University

♦ Vending Machines in #TS3UniversityLife might malfunction. You can try shaking it up, but beware of it falling on you!


♦ Lectures ARE NOT rabbit holes!

♦ It’s official! Plant Sims are going to be in #TS3UniversityLife Commence celebratory dancing!

♦ new death is “blunt force trauma” death by vending machine

♦ No Pets allowed on university campus!

♦ No holidays at University (Seasons)

♦ Yes the holidays are a no. The Seasons are a yes. So there will be snow and rain. But no snowflake day,

♦ Your Sim can be in more than one social group. You can also choose to be anti-social and not be in any!

♦ The Bartista for the coffee shop only works behind the counter. not a waiter.

♦ Each social group in university unlocks a cool item.

♦ Your sim is allowed to be in more than 1 Social group

♦ You can level up in your social groups

♦ The majors: Business, communications, fine arts, science & medicine, technology and physical education

♦ If you graduate with low grades, you don’t get the benefits. You can’t be kicked out of Uni though!


♦ 6 majores are Buisness, Communications, Finel Arts, Medicine/Science, Physical education, Technology

♦ the new university world looks awesome love the new places you can go to, love bowling.. #TS3CommunityDay

♦ You cannot be kicked out of university, but you can lose your scolorship #TS3CommunityDay

♦ You can earn and lose scholoraships for those who dont use cheats and need to get scholoraships to get into University.

♦ You can stay at university for 8 weeks for one major, you can do multiple majors tho

♦ If you live in a sorority or fraternity you are more likely to be dared to do kegs, and other things

♦ Depending upon your aptitude test, and previous credits the shortest you may be there is one week

♦ If your parents go to a university a babysitter will come and take care of your kids.

♦ You can kick out a roomate

♦ New interaction: dares…lots of dares and more often happen in the sorority/fraternity setting

♦ You can have any object in your dorm your that you would wish.

♦ Renting out a room is through real estate

♦ Yes. You can have a romantic relationship with your professor in #TS3UniversityLife

♦ You can schmooze with professors to ask for extra credits!

♦ Plant Sims cannot create a Sim in CAS

♦ Also I have been told there are multiple ways to create Plant Sims

♦ Grades and Skills are important for Teen sims before getting into Uni

♦ You can make money at the university through the job board its a quick daytime task.

♦ There are part time jobs, no true carreers or full time jobs at uni.

♦ Your sims can create there own commics now

♦ Depending on your social status you unlock different levels of dares.


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