Final University Fact Sheet Update & Guide Progress

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University is right around the corner simmers! :mrgreen: I have just finished updating the fact sheet with information from the latest fansite/developer previews. This will be the final update I make to the fact sheet, as I have begun progress on the University Game Guide.
Our University Guide is once again the most anticipated guide, because as most of you know, there will not be a printed (or downloadable) Prima Guide. The Prima Guide will only be available as an “online only” $19.99 eGuide, which cannot even be printed, and requires constant internet access.
As a reminder, the SimsVIP University Guide will be free and available in PDF form for you to view on a tablet/smartphone, download & print. I have also scheduled some time off work to begin the guide immediately upon release with no interruption.
With that said, check out the University fact sheet to hold you over until your game arrives!