Seasons Cloud Glitch & Aurora Skies

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I have been working on the Aurora Skies post since last night, and due to an unfortunate “cloud” glitch, I was not able to finish it all. (No worries though, I’m almost done!) I spent two hours last night trying to figure out why I had absolutely no “Northern Lights” action, and thanks to the wonderful Tom and Annabelle, I learned that Seasons has “cloud glitch“. This is an issue in every world, but in Aurora Skies, these clouds are important.
If you have Seasons and Aurora Skies installed, you may have noticed that there isn’t any action in the sky, and here’s why. Seasons has created some type of .ini file glitch, which prevents clouds from loading properly. The “Northern Lights” in Aurora Skies are visible every night, and are not a rare occurrence.
If you are not seeing clouds in your game, save and exit to the main menu and then reload the game again. After this you will see that your sky now has clouds again. Without the clouds, you cannot see the lights, therefore you will be waiting for lights that never appear.
This doesn’t happen each and every time you boot the game, but you may run into in the future, which is why I made a post. Now off to finish the Aurora Skies post! 🙂