Crinrict’s Help Blog: Precautions for University Life

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Crinrict has put together a list of precautions and steps to take before, during, and after sending Sims to University. It would behoove you to read it!


After a week of doing the Bug Thread at the official Sims 3 forum, I have to say that UL has some major bugs that make the game unplayable for many. I did fear this could happen, since EA did recycle their fault WA code.


There are more reasons for the problems many are facing but a few were identified by now

What precautions should you take ?

  • Especially if you have a savegame that you have been playing forever, you should make a backup before installing UL or at least before you go to university for the first time.
  • Make sure your mods are up-to-date. There are many that haven’t been updated – including some of Twallans, since those are not updated to handle the Uni world itself.

The following tips should help to prevent some of the problems or to at least make sure that you don’t loose your precious family. For solutions what to do if you already have a problem, check the post on the issues.