Giveaway #9 – Scavenger Sue!

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We have a winner folks! Congrats to Zanne for posting the correct answers!

Number of times: 3 times
S – Sims 3 Seasons Game Guide (Fall Holiday Spooky Day)
H – Sims 3 Generations Game Guide
O – Sims 3 Sweet Treats Game Guide
W – Sims 2 Patches
T – Sims 3 Pets Spoiler
I – Sims 3 Pet Breeds
M – Sims 3 Showtime Game Guide
E – Sims 3 Supernatural Game Guide



The first part of this contest requires you to find the *PHOTO* letters “S, H, O, W, T, I, M, E”
 hidden within the pages of the site! You must also tell me on which pages you found each specific letter. 


The second part of this contest requires you to tell me how many times the words “Runaround Sue” are said between :40 and 1:44 of this video.

Video Link

The first person to post the following (in ONE COMMENT) wins!

♦ Where you found each specific letter on the site

♦ The number of times “Runaround Sue” is said in the video between :40 & 1:44.