Giveaway #13 – Recreate My Sim & Do What I Say!

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We have winner! Congrats to Goldysch for posting the correct photos first!


You will need to open a game in Sunset Valley!



Part One – Create This Sim!


The first part of this contest requires you to go into CAS and recreate the Sim pictured below. All content used are base game items. Everything MUST be identical….


♦ Female Sim


♦ Same Skin color

♦ Blue Eyes

♦ Same Face Paint

♦ Same hairstyle COLOR (blonde) & STYLE

♦ Same Shirt

♦ Same Skirt

♦ Same Shoes 

Once you have finished creating this Sim, take two pictures IN CAS as I have done below. Two Separate Pictures! (1) Headshot and (1) Full Body Shot.

Screenshot-250 Screenshot-249




Part Two – Head into Town!

After you have saved this Sim, move them into any house in town, and send them straight to the beach! Once there, you will have to take a photo of them in the same area pictured below. The photo must be identical to the one I have posted below. This means I have to see the exact same background of the world when you take the photo.



First person to complete the following (and post in ONE COMMENT) will win!

♦ One photo link of the Sim’s Headshot in CAS
♦ One photo link of the Sim’s full Body Shot in CAS
♦ One photo link of the Sim at the beach in Sunset Valley (Same location as the photo I provided above. I must see the same world background)