Random Giveaway #14 – Answer the Questions! *END*

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Random giveaway is complete! Congrats to Shannon1w1, TheSims3Boy, YellowGamerTV, and Kementari who were randomly selected to win!


Hey there, Platinum Simmers here!


Platinum Simmers are joining in the fun and are donating this giveaway, they are giving away (4) 50-points items from The Sims 3 Store. All you have to do is link to your wishlist* here below, and to give a little twist,,also answer the following questions (there is no wrong answer):


What is your favourite World?

What is your favourite type of Sim? (Alien, Regular, Witch, etc)

What is your favourite career?

What is your favourite age?


*Make sure there is at least (1) 50 point item on your wishlist.