It’s Almost Time To Party!

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Alright Simmers, get ready for another rockin’ day! I want you all to read and understand a few things before we start the party @ 11am Central Time. Please note that for the next 12-13, hours all news/update posts will be shoved into eternity. Once we are done with the 2-day party, they will return. Thanks!


1) Play Nice, Be Nice!


2) Everyone around the world can join in the fun.


3) Make sure to read each post thoroughly! If you are asked to post your Wishlist for example, make sure you post it when you comment!


Also, make sure to read what type of gifts I’m gifting from a giveaway. If I say 25-50 point items, make sure you have those on your wishlist! Anyone who posts a wishlist that contains all sets or items above the listed increment, will be skipped!


4) Please make sure you use a valid email when commenting! That will be the only way to contact you if you win! If I am not able to contact you, another winner will be chosen.


5) There will be a giveaway/content about every hour. When one contest/giveaway ends, I will announce the gift that will be given away with the next contest.



6) Go get your wishlist ready with all kinds of individual items!


7) Enjoy yourselves and get ready! (Go grab a snack, pee etc!) :mrgreen:

8) Do no create multiple accounts in an attempt to win. There are many ways for me to track this cheating method, so don’t get caught doing it! You will regret it!

9) Please read the full Party details here.



Please make sure to be kind and cooperative during this awesome party. Any foul language or harassment of any kind towards others, will result in a perma ban from the site. Everyone is going to participate, but not everyone is going to win. Don’t be upset, just have fun!