El33tonline Reviews The Sims 3 University Life

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University was an extremely fun time for me. I spent six months there before I realised I wasted my father’s money. It is with regret that I look back at that time. Maybe I should have tried harder. Maybe there is a lesson here for the rest of you. So when I was given the opportunity to fill some very big shoes (a size 13, Oltman, really?) and continue the legacy of The Sims reviews with the University Life expansion pack, I literally jumped at the chance. Mainly because Lisa’s dogs tried to get me.


With very good intentions I set out to create a Sim that can go to University. I made her a young adult and gave her great aspirations. I also felt every girl needs good looks to succeed in life, but to be more realistic I made her quite average. She inherited a Mother Lode of money (Sims fans will know what I did there) and settled into her new home. Things were off to a good start!