Giveaway #5 Create-a-Sim and Music! *Ended*

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We have a winner! Congrats to “theruffleheartlegacy” for posting the correct answers/photos! Theruffleheartlegacy, I will be sending you an email shortly. 🙂

P3: 6


You will need to open a game in Sunset Valley!



Part One – Create This Sim!


The first part of this contest requires you to go into CAS, find this pre-made Sim, and recreate her as shown below. All content used are base game items. Everything MUST be identical….



♦ Same Pre-Made Female Sim (Do not alter her hair, eyes, skin etc)

♦ Same Face Paint

♦ Same Shirt

♦ Same Bottoms

♦ Same Bracelet

♦ Same Shoes 

Once you have finished creating this Sim, take two pictures IN CAS as I have done below. Two Separate Pictures! (1) Headshot and (1) Full Body Shot.

Screenshot-99 Screenshot-100



Part Two – Head into Town!

After you have saved this Sim, move them into any house in town, and send them straight to Central Park! Once there, you will have to take a photo of them in the same area pictured below. The photo must be identical to the one I have posted below. This means I have to see the exact same background of the world when you take the photo.




Part Three – Do you care?!

How many times does Beyonce say the word “Care” between minute 1:55 and 2:17 in this video.


You can Scroll to Minute 1:55!


First person to complete the following (and post in ONE COMMENT) will win a digital code for Island Paradise!

♦ One photo link of the Sim’s Headshot in CAS
♦ One photo link of the Sim’s full Body Shot in CAS
♦ One photo link of the Sim in Central Park in Sunset Valley (Same location as the photo I provided above. I must see the same world background)
♦ How many “Care’s” in Beyonce’s song