Spot the Difference *Ended*

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We have a winner! Congrats to Jerome for coming up with the correct answers the quickest!
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Part 1 – Spot the Differences


There are a total of *8 differences* between the two photos. You will need to….

1) Download the photo from here: Click Here to download photo (Pick a size)
2) Use paint (or any other method) to circle the differences in ONLY ONE of the two photos
3) Upload the photo to any photo sharing service (Photobucket, Flickr, TinyPic etc)
4) Paste the link to your photo here in the comments section





Part 2 – What number?


Click here and tell me the number.



Part 3 – Where’s the bird?

There is a photo of love birds hidden on the site pages. Here’s a hint: Game Guides. You will have to tell me what page you found it on!


Part 4 – Screenshot this Sim!

Head into your game and screenshot this pre-made Sim in CAS.



First person to post the following wins!

♦ Photo link with the correct differences circled

♦ Number in the video

♦ What page are the love birds on?

♦ Photo link of the pre-made Sim posted above



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