Sims 3 Store: “Goodie Boxes” Returning Thursday

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Originally introduced in December 2012, The Sims 3 Store “Goodie Boxes” will be making a comeback this Thursday. Per SimGuruTaterTot (yum!), the return of these “Goodie Boxes” will be back in full force for a limited time.

Click here for the Sims 3 Store Goodie Boxes FAQ

SimGuruTatertot v2.0 here — giving you a look at what limited-time promotion we’re going to be bringing back for a short time at The Sims 3 Store: Goodie Boxes!
We all know that those who didn’t own the majority of the Store (you know who you are) loved the Goodie Boxes. Well, we’re bringing back the Goodie Boxes for a limited-time run and it’s back with some major fixes:

  • If you own a compilation, you will not receive any of the subsets. (Yes!)


  • If you receive an item through a Goodie Box purchase that is also on your Wish List, we’ll remove that item from your Wish List, so your friends cannot gift it to you. (Yes!!)


  • You can now easily see all the items that you received through Goodie Box purchases by utilizing the sort filter under your Purchase History.

I myself might have gone a little overboard the last time the Goodie Box promotions were running…so you all can understand how I too am fairly excited that this promotion is happening this Thursday.