Site Update: Ahhhh…Do you feel that?

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As the site traffic on SimsVIP significantly increased these last 6 months, I am sure many of you have noticed the increased down time and lag. As of today, I am happy to announce that SimsVIP is operating on its own shiny new server! No more lag! Yippee!
With our new and upgraded server, we’re hoping for a more pleasant reading experience at all times. Please be advised, if you are seeing older stories on the site (or landing on the 404 page), it is because your computer has not yet picked up on the new server. Within 48 hours this will no longer be an issue, and your browser should display the site’s new server.
To check which server you are on, click here: If you are still on the old server, it would be a good idea to delete your browser and DNS cache, and then try again. If this does not do the trick, you will have to wait it out a bit longer.
Also, all comments posted to the site after yesterday’s 12:00pm backup, did not move to the new server. We will try our best to recover them, but are not making any promises.
Big thanks to ManagerJosh who spent 11 hours yesterday setting up the new server, and a bigger thanks to our readers for being patient during the down time. :mrgreen: