John Burb & Jennifer Pleasant Return

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The Sims 3 Dragon Valley will be re-introducing a familiar household: The Burbs. Jennifer Pleasant and John Burb will be returning to The Sims 3 Series as an engaged couple in Dragon Valley.


Jennifer and John tried to sail around the world as one last “hurrah” before their wedding day and somehow ended up here! The adventure for this couple is just beginning, but will they be able to find a way back home before their big day?

 Jennifer Pleasant (Gemini) has a level 3 Painting Skill, and a level 2 Athletic Skill. Her Lifetime Wish is to become a Superstar Athlete. Currently Unemployed.
♦ John Burb (Sagittarius) has a level 1 Logic Skill, level 2 Charisma Skill, level 3 Cooking Skill, and a level 3 Gardening Skill. His Lifetime Wish is to become Creature-Robot Cross Reader. Currently Unemployed.