Simparool Previews The Sims 3 Island Paradise

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Aloha! Rispec! Other greeting from a tropical island! It’s time for the tenth (!) expansion pack for the Sims 3, and this time we’ll be travelling to an island paradise. Hence the name, Sims 3: Island Paradise.
Sims 3: World Adventures gave your Sims the ability to travel to all sorts of exotic destinations like China, France, Egypt, and Slough. But it didn’t seem like they were on a real vacation. It’s more like some sort of exchange trip where they’re doing crappy chores for the locals. I mean, where’s the beach? Where’s the resorts? And where is the banana boat?!


Island Paradise tries to fix this by bringing an expansion full of usable beaches, real resorts, diving spots and much more! Just no banana boat unfortunately, but there are sailing cottages on rafts.