The Sims 3 Keeping Afloat Showcase

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Have your Sims been keeping afloat since the launch of Island Paradise? Maybe they’re living by the beach where they get to wake up to a fantastic view every day. Or maybe they wake up to a different view living in a houseboat! Or, maybe they temporarily see the coastline when staying at a resort.
We want to see all the amazing houseboats, resorts, or any lots built with the stilted foundation! See below how you can participate. Be sure you read the FAQ afterward
Petite or grand! We want to see the many styles of houseboats created!
Basic, simple amenities or super luxurious? We want to see them all!
Lots on Stilted foundation
Don’t have Island Paradise? The latest game update (which is free, by the way) gives players the ability to build lots on stilted foundations partially over the water. So show us your best community lots and homes on the edge of the sea!
Beachbums, beach babes, mermaids – whichever Sims you might see by or in the sea!
Got a story about a Sim going on a sea-bound adventure? Or a Mersim meeting a landlubbing Sim? Share it with us!
Comedies! Dramas! Rom-coms! Share your sea-faring flicks!
What’s different about this showcase? We’ll be highlighting submissions as we go through them – so keep an eye on the Showcase page!