Player Creation: The Simoleon Boat

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Some of you may remember my review of Island Paradise and the houseboat I built in it. I have since worked more on the houseboat and gotten it both complete and ready for usage. And I finally figured out the placement of that weather control machine. That thing bugged me for hours until I figured out the best spot.

There is no CC featured in this download, but I do use massive amounts of Store content and have all of the expansion packs and all but one of the stuff packs. But, the Store content should be obvious from the pictures.




Download Link

A copy of my scan for CC:



Screenshot-85 Screenshot-86
Screenshot-87 Screenshot-88
Screenshot-89 Screenshot-90
Screenshot-91 Screenshot-92
Screenshot-93 Screenshot-94
Screenshot-95 Screenshot-96
Screenshot-97 Screenshot-98
Screenshot-99 Screenshot-100
Screenshot-101 Screenshot-102