Queen of Hearts Casino Resort by ashcrash19

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Leave it to the talented and hard working community to come up with some fantastically fun lots for our games. The latest fun lot to hit the exchange, is the “Queen of Hearts Casino” by ashcrash19! Here is what she has to say about the lot:

Description: Welcome to the Queen of Hearts Casino Resort, a getaway after your heart! With three floors of entertainment, including the Mad Hatter Restaurant, Sweet Treats Cafe, beautiful VIP rooms, a delicious playground, and a luxurious pool/spa combo, you’ll be lost in your very own wonderland! Note: I playtested and everything ran smoothly. Sometimes Sims will complain of a route block near the rabbit hole, but they CAN get through the arch just fine, they’re just being fickle
It’s a 40×40 that the Vegas sets, Spyglass sets, Sweet Treats stuff, and some props from Showtime. There are a few store items here and there, such as from the wedding sets, but that’s most of it. Included in the thread are play testing photos to show that everything works.



Download LinkForum Thread (with tons of photos!)

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