Great Game Guarantee and Refunds

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Crinrict posted the following tweet on the Great Game Guarantee by EA (cookie for the find!):

The following screenshot is taken from the guarantee:
Great Game Guarantee

As can be seen, this applies only to downloaded games; DLC, such as items bought in the Sims 3 Store, are not applicable for being returned.
To use this guarantee:

1. Click into your order history in your Origin account.
2. Click the “Request a Refund” link by a product you wish a refund on.
3. Fill out the form.
4. You will get a confirmation in 48 hours and a refund in 10 days if you qualify for a refund.
5. If you want to check the status, click into your order history and check My Cases to see if it has been processed.
6. If you have questions, contact EA.


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