NZ Gamer Previews “The Sims 4”

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Ah the Sims; progeny of the SimCity franchise I love so much, I find it impossible to loathe you. Sure, your focus on the lives and loves of just a handful of Sims at a time varies somewhat from your ancestor’s interest in the macro concerns of an entire city of simulated people, but the general gist – allowing players to interfere with the lives of virtual citizens – is still something you hold dear to your chest.




To be completely honest, I’ve never really “got” the Sims. Lots of people do; most people do, if you look at the stats (it’s the biggest PC gaming franchise of all time, don’t ya know?), making me a bit weird when all is said and done. But having seen (and played with) The Sims 4, I suspect all of that is about to change.