El33tonline: The Sims 4 Preview

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The first thing that we were shown was the brand new Create-A-Sim tool, which is where you’ll spend your time crafting your little virtual avatar for The Sims 4. What’s (very) different this time around is that you’ll now be able to click, drag, push and pull on different parts of your character to customise their look. Do you want your nose to be tiny and petite, or gnarled and twisted? Simply click on the Sim’s nose and drag around the screen to morph it.



What about the eyebrows and eyes, or ears and face – do you want these features to be higher, closer together, larger or further apart? Again, simply by clicking on the feature and pushing around you create a Sim basically exactly in the style that you want, and you can also adjust things like height, weight, fitness level, skin tone, hair and clothes all from within this one tool. For the first time, the team was excited to tell us, you’ll be able to choose a hat and hair style separately from one another which wasn’t possible in The Sims 3.