Resident Entertainment: Sims 3 Movie Stuff Review

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Movie Stuff is the latest of the of the Sims 3 expansions and comes in the form of a stuff pack adding in a whole range of items for Sims 3 players to enjoy. Movie Stuff  is broken up into three different segments which include horror, western and superhero gear for your Sims to buy. Each allowing the player to create or design their own sets, themed areas or whatever they desire with the new items. Sims 3 Movie Stuff is actually quite a lot of fun and I enjoyed dressing up my Sim in movie themed outfits.



Some of the items in the Sims 3 movie stuff are actually quite a lot of fun once you own them. My favourite purchase in the game was the Vigilante Supercycle. I really enjoyed this motorcycle vehicle and it’s fast too! I raced all around Isla Paradiso in it, to and from work and to the book shop and back home. It was the best!