The Sims 4: Improved Camera Movements

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In a post over at ModTheSims, SimGuruGraham replied to a player’s frustration on camera movements, confirming that The Sims 4’s in game camera will be less bouncy and more stable.
On a side note, even though they were not even near completion with camera functions, The Sims 4 camera movements we witnessed at Gamescom were much smoother than those we currently have in The Sims 3.


This constantly bugged me in Sims 3… it was one of the first things I asked them to overhaul when we were building the demo we showed at Gamescom. As things currently stand, the further your camera is zoomed out, the less the camera bounces when moving across different floor levels. Personally I think it feels a lot better in-game now; I hope you’ll agree when you get your hands on it.