Mysteries from The Sims games solved

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Looking back on the series as The Sims 3 draws to a close, I sigh and wonder about some of the more unusual items. The game has always been quirky and its predecessors were no different. Sometimes, this has resulted in little oddities popping up that never get addressed.
And then it occurred to me that some of these oddities might have been solved in the game series if you stop and really, really think about them. Thus, I decided to post the following mysteries and the solutions to them so you may read, be amused, and think back fondly on these tiny mysteries. Please note all of the following are entirely from an in-game standpoint.

Q: Why can’t the alien craft in Sims 3 Seasons already fly through space?
A: It’s not a spaceship; the name ‘Galaxa Space Car’ reveals it to be a short-range transport. So your handy sim is effectively adding an after-market mod to make it a spaceship.
Q: Where did the plantsim community mentioned in Sims 2 Seasons come from?
A: Results of experiments with gene splicing in Sims 3 University and accidental creation of plantsims. It seems likely pesticides were derived from the Forbidden Fruit.
Q: Why do they refer to alcohol as nectar?
A: Because it’s not alcohol. Nectar is a drink in real-life, and the one in-game seems to require fruit sugars to produce instead of just any sugar, which is why Nectaration can only be done with fruit while real life fermentation can be done with anything from fruit to potatoes to meat. In-game nectar seems to be a really, really concentrated form of the real life drink. Thus, your sims act crazy when they’ve drunk too much of it because they’re sugared-up.
Q: Why didn’t ITF reuse the Ambitions time machine?
A: Because the ITF time machine isn’t actually a time machine; it’s a wormhole generator. Rather than toss you into the timestream to come out randomly as the Ambitions machine does, it generates a stable connection between two points in space-time that allow for instantaneous travel between them. This kind of stable bridge is known as an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, which is more commonly called a wormhole.


I’m certain I have not even touched the surface yet. But, creative solutions like these are fun items to come up with, and they can help when looking back on the series and thinking about some of the little things that amused you or which you fondly remember.
The Sims 3, you will be missed.