The Sims 4 Spotted in Roaring Heights!

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From the 1920’s to 2014, Sims in Roaring Heights have been left bewildered over the recent carvings spotted over their City Hall entrance! What could this mean? We took to the streets of Roaring Heights and asked a Mr Elliot Nest of 37 Ruhlmann Road what his thoughts on these mysterious carvings were, he had this to say:

“Well, I don’t know about you, but those Sims all look unique! They are full of emotion! It’s almost as if someone reached up there and sculpted them out of clay! I wonder where OUR future will take us!”


Could this recent anomaly be linked to recent sightings of a mysterious blue haired male with clothes not of this world, it seems that Sims all over Sim Nation will have a while to wait for further development of this story. Back to you Bill.