The Sims Anniversary Sale Coming Soon

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If you’re looking to complete your Sims 3 collection in the near future, here’s something to look forward to: The Sims Anniversary Sale! February 4th marks the 14th anniversary of The Sims, so its a given that some special sales are in the works.

Origin’s Marketing team has shared with us that an upcoming Sims 3 Sale on Origin is brewing, and prices on The Sims 3 games will be slashed by some 50%!



Make sure your users look out for an upcoming The Sims Anniversary Sale, featuring 50% off all Sims 3 Products. Plus, remember that all orders over $25 qualify for free shipping! 


Origin held a special Sims 3 Anniversary sale last year, so let’s hope for an even bigger and better one this year. If SimGuruTaterTot’s comments are anything to go by, perhaps we’ll also have some special sales in the Sims 3 Store. Finger’s crossed!