The Sims 4 Q&A by Dot Sim (Poland)

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During the mass hysteria that was Gamescom, it appears that I forgot to post Dot Sims Sims 4 Q&A from September. It had been linked to in mass interview posts, but never as a separate post.
Please note that any and all information in the interview could change over the course of the game’s production. The game was in Pre-Alpha when Grant was interviewed, so keep that in mind!


1) Are there any animals (birds, rodents, snakes)?
In the base version of the game does not appear in animals.
2) Is Sims are various growth?
Unfortunately, no. It would be the a lot of problems in terms of animation. As stated manufacturers – as long as technological progress allows it not. Maybe in the next part of this can be done.
3) Does the CAS will be able to design costumes themselves?
Unfortunately, no. Instead, we can choose different colors of the clothes ready. Shuffle outfit is now more intelligent, and the clothes fit together. For example, selecting clothes random play selects the right color shoes to shirts and pants to match this.