The Sims 4: Most Anticipated Game (

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Series The Sims – one of the main series of Electronic Arts. Three main parts and the mass of branches, additions and modifications, multi-million selling approaching anniversary (in 2015 series will celebrate fifteen years). Even now, the Origin goes another sale dedicated to The Sims 3 , well, the new part will be released this fall.
With the release of the third part of the past five years, and during this time, The Sims 3 has become one of the most commercially successful games in history. The fourth issue will be improved and brought to mind everything asked fans.
Depth will individualization heroes convenient editor characters depending on the mood of behaviors significantly improved graphics and even multi-tasking – now the “Sims” can combine multiple actions that used to take turns. Will be able to collect the rocket on the lawn of the house and go into space. Unless, of course, the trailer does not deceive us.
From EA now requires only one thing – not to spoil the launch of such a large project, as happened last year with SimCity, and then all the trendy boys and girls will be equally happy. – Anton White