TS3 vs TS4: Series Comparison by Neo The Rabbit

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There has been a slew of series comparison photos floating around the internet of late, and this newest comparison by Neo The Rabbit takes the cake.
After spending six hours to recreate The Sims 4 in The Sims 3, Neo The Rabbit shares with us this awesomely amazing comparison photo:


Hi everyone!! I’m back with another TS3/TS4 comparison picture!!! Like a sequel to the first one I posted last week on Sims4Fan.com and that everybody suddenly shared all over the world!! Thank you all again!!
I chose to reproduce this image simply because I think it’s the more complex one than we have so far, and therefore one of the most difficult to reproduce (If only I knew how really hard it would be to do that…) but I also think it intelligently shows that the Sims 4 graphics are far from being awful, they are full of spells, heat and very pleasant to the eye.
Firstly, I would like to clarify that no editing has been done on the image, except changing the color of both cherry trees in the background, and flowers in front of the house, since none of them matched the colors of the plants of the original picture, it was only to match colors for these elements. I deliberately chose to not do any other editing to not distort the authenticity of the graphics and the light of The Sims 3.



Bonus: Mushilda and Sims Soul have also re-created a Sims 4 home with different outdoor lighting. Check out a The Sims 3 vs. The Sims 4 comparison.

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