The Sims 4 Speculation: Goodbye Maternity Wear?

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Please Note: This post is nothing more than speculation. As I’ve been gathering information for The Sims 4 fact sheet, I happen to come across something I found very interesting. Nothing in this post has been confirmed.

During the live demo at Gamescom, one of the many manipulations seen in Create-a-Sim was the “stomach slider”. In the photo below, we see three different “phases” of stomach manipulation, the most expansive being a rounded, pregnant-like stomach.



Could this be what the stomach of a pregnant Sim will look like? Is maternity clothing a thing of the past? Since a female’s stomach can be manipulated to look like a pregnant Sim in CAS, it only makes sense that she can wear anything from CAS as a pregnant Sim. We already know for fact that clothing will support this type of stomach manipulation.


sims4-cas-004 sims4-cas-005