Target: The Sims 4 Limited Edition Pre Order Promotion

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Target has officially joined the list of retailers running a Sims 4 promotion on pre orders. From now until the 7 days leading up to The Sims 4’s release,  all in-store pre orders for The Sims 4 Limited Edition qualify for a $5 Target Gift Card at the time of release.
To receive this promotion, simply head to your local Target store and pick up the specially marked $1 Sims 4 “Reservation Card”. Once the card is scanned at the register, you have reserved a copy of the game, along with the $5 Gift Card. You must purchase the game within 7 days of release to qualify for this promotion.
And if you don’t end up purchasing the game from your local Target, at least you now own a Sims 4 souvenir. 😛

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This promotion is only valid in The United States