Anaitgames: The Sims 4 Preview

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Translation via Google (meh) – Hat Tip: Rincon Del Simmer


Argus Hulin and Azure Bowie-Hankins, producers of The Sims 4, have a tricky day: discussed, they are angry and there seems no way to calm them down, but its inevitable bromance in the gym the perfect shot. While anger sweat on the machines, Chuck Norris enters the scene and gives a personal training session at Argus, which motivates him considerably; the new mood led him to throw a party in style and invite your new friend: not every day you meet a star of size level. After a few tweaks to the decor to make the house ready for the party, Azure starts making the round of calls; everything is ready, the guests begin to arrive and dancing, chatting among themselves, everyone is happy. Chuck Norris comes and joins the dance.

Suddenly comes flatmates. Let the joyous capitalization: Producers share house with nothing less than Kim Jong-un, North Korean leader and, surprise, big fan of cupcakes. Not a particularly festive type; to avoid ruining the party, Azure Argus and send to Kim to make cupcakes for the guests, and can not say no: such is his passion for pastries. The party continues with no apparent problem until the drama is unleashed: A kitchen fire alarm bells, and the hosts become hysterical. So hysterical that Kim Jong-un pees over what producers would respond like any good bro: you start laughing, while cupcakes machine (a device that stands almost steampunk in kitchen appliances from considerably less bizarre) burns.