Joystiq Previews The Sims 4

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Checking out the Sims franchise early at any major event is like watching someone else play with your dolls … I mean, action figures. You watch the presentation, listen to the salient bullet points and all you want to do is push the guy off the computer and just play the game.

The Sims 4 is another refresh of the 14-year-old franchise that includes a little something new, something old and adds stuff that makes the Sims blue.For content creators, The Gallery is the big update for the game. Players don’t need to leave the game anymore for new content. A browser is built into the game that allows folks to find the specific content they are looking for and import it. For example, say you want a well-designed living room for your Sims. You can now import it and easily overlay it within the house. It’s very efficient.