The Sims 4: New Concept Art Screens

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The June issue of Die Sims Official Magazine has released, and players around thew world have received their copy. Sims Creations on Tumblr has obtained a copy of the magazine, and shared the new images found inside.

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Translation Picture 2: the Sims 4 optic allows the creators to create more detailed and creative objects in Build/Buy Mode. The couch pillow/couch for example isn’t just a flat texture anymore: it is now covered and stretched at the right places; the deco ship (for the wall) height can be changed and it can be placed on other deco objects. But we don’t get to use the create a style/paintbrush anymore


Translation Picture 3:
• The producers leave the popular create a style tool out, but they put more
Effort in the details of the objects.
• Depending on settings, the counters automatically connect or they form the exact shape you want in Manual mode.
• At the stove culinaries/cooks cook with recipes out of the net or 5 star cooking books.
• Deco elements like plants or kitchen-utilities can be placed more easily everywhere than in the sims 3 and loosen the rooms more efficiently.

Translation picture 4:
• If you don’t want to put one window at a time in,you can choose one type for a room and the game will automatically put them in the room.
• To combine different styles and colors, choose “white” or “Brown” in the Filter Menu and it will Show You all corresponding the sims 4 objects.
• Cut off..maybe: deco objects like pictures can now be Placed over each other
• Cut off