EA Official Statement: “The Game is in a Great Place”

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Today has been a Sims 4 nightmare on every social media outlet, forum board, news site etc. Everything started when German and Italian fan sites announced community events with hands on play time, and within minutes of them announcing, EA canceled/delayed the events.


Mix in the fact that EA is also contradicting themselves without explanation, and you have fans of the game spinning into a rampage. I reached out to our contacts at EA for official statement, and they have responded with the following:


We appreciate you reaching out to us. First of all, we can reassure you that the game is in a great place. The team is busy polishing and getting it ready for launch in September.
With regard to all the chatter today, we had been looking at a variety of different events for the summer, but nothing had been officially locked.

With fans around the world going into a loop of backlash, EA also unleashed some developers of the game to assist with “damage control”.