The Sims 4: Q&A with Marion Gothier (Animations)

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SimGoodie has just published a Q&A session with Technical Animations Director for The Sims 4, Marion Gothier.

Will babies have more animations depending on emotions?

Marion: Our babies are either happy or they cry, much like babies in real life :). However, the Sims in the baby’s environment are affected emotionally by the baby’s mood, and will react accordingly. We also have some fun interactions with the baby – I am excited that mothers can breastfeed as well as use a bottle, and there is a really funny ‘Make Face’ interaction that I like a lot.

What cool animations can we see with grim the reaper and death in this generation of The Sims?

Marion: The Reaper himself has a new look (including fun new accessories) which I really love. His reaping sequence has been updated to fit our more modern style, and of course there is now an emotional dimension to the reaping that wasn’t there in previous titles.



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