The Sims 4: Multiple Worlds Confirmed For Base?

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In a video interview from Shacknews at E3, SimGuruAzure tells reporters that Each world contains 5 different neighborhoods”. Since there’s been so much conflicting information of late, I tweeted Graham to see if I can get a solid answer on multiple worlds for the base game. Let’s hope for a response.

There have been a few indications that we are getting multiple worlds in the game, and here’s a few to note:

Desert-like world in recently discovered game footage

Desert-like world in PC Gamer’s Sims 4 Preview

Digital Spy’s 2013 Preview mentions “3 different environments” for the game.

ts4_e3_rocket sims4-screenshot-143

Second photo provided by SimTimes


SimGuruAzure’s comments can be heard at 2:05