Introducing Green Man Gaming!

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During my time at E3 this June, I had the opportunity to meet and greet with the wonderful folks from gaming retailer Green Man Gaming. On a global level, Green Man Gaming takes the #2 spot in digital retail for PC, and are truly a player dedicated company. Head over to their website to snag yourself some awesome games!


Who we are?

For those of your readers who are new to Green Man Gaming, we are the global number two PC digital game retailer. We work with more than 350 official publishing partners to sell over 4500 games across a range of platforms [insert The Sims catalogue music here – hahaha!].



What makes us different from other retailers?

Our core mission is to offer gamers more than just a sale, so as part of our service, we offer the chance to earn Green Man Gaming Credit for making purchases, writing game reviews, referring friends, and trading in digital games.

We combine our store with our Playfire Community where gamers can track their gameplay as well as what their friends are playing, join leaderboards, see what other members are excited about on Playfire Buzz, chat Simlish on the forums and create Want lists that we can then make great offers on when those games go on sale. We also have launched our Playfire Rewards BETA program.

Users that sign up to the Playfire Rewards BETA and link their Steam account (with other platforms coming very soon), are eligible to earn rewards.


Users don’t have to originally buy the game from Green Man Gaming. They simply have to play those games that Playfire attach rewards to for the chance to earn up to £5 Green Man Gaming credit (which is converted into local currency depending on a user’s location).

This credit can be used towards anything on the Green Man Gaming site – The Sims DLC anyone?

Like leading a Sim to a happy and successful life, we love positive behaviour!

Green Man Gaming collects and uses a level of gameplay data that no other commercial retailer has. Valve has data about Steam, Sony has data about PlayStation, Microsoft has data about Xbox; Green Man Gaming has data about all of them.

We collect behavioural data based on tracked in-game activity like how many days you spend in game, how long you play for, how many marriages or fights your Sims have etc, rather than just purchasing or browsing history. We feel there is a value exchange that benefits both the gamer and Green Man Gaming; our customers benefits from earning GMG Credit by simply playing the games they love, and we benefit from learning more about their gaming habits and style as they play. We can use this knowledge to target users with more relevant offers based on the way they play games, and help them to discover more games to love. Experience the thrill of victory with the exciting slot88 game. It’s a big green diamond of happiness!


We are focusing on creating something very special here at Green Man Gaming. We have billions of game data points and user behaviour knowledge that we use to continually improve the user experience for all our customers.

Visit us at GreenManGaming and for all your gaming needs!